Time Change

This year the time change really affected me. Here in most of the United States, we set our clocks forward one hour on an appointed day in the Spring. If that sounds crazy, it is. 

I’m very sensitive to the time. The time change disrupts my sleep, and I usually get a migraine the week after. Fun times. 

It is beyond my control to change it. I can only adapt to it. My mind races with reasons why it’s a dumb idea. Then I get angry at the politicians who keep debating it but do nothing. I hear from parents of young children that it is “hell week” because the little ones have no idea of clocks and so everyone is up and down at crazy hours, and cranky. All the while, as I’m contemplating all of this, my brain is sleep deprived!

The time change makes no sense to me. Politicians keep debating it. People complain about it, love it, hate it, or are indifferent to it.

So this week I am focusing on accepting that the time change is a part of my life. I didn’t choose it, but it is very real. I can either adapt to it as best I can, or spend the week complaining and disgruntled. I can accept that some things are beyond my control. I can give myself a little extra nap time. I can let it go. 

I’m sure I won’t fully succeed in letting it go, but I’m choosing to focus on that this week. I’ll keep you posted!


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